Joel Tenenbaum Fights Back.

Hes apparently mad as hell. And hes not going to take it anymore.

He's apparently mad as hell. And he's not going to take it anymore. tells the tale of Mr. Joel Tenenbaum who is taking on the recording industry. With everything he’s got and then some. Check him out. Just goes to show that if the recording industry pokes at enough people, eventually, it’s going to get poked back. I’ve long said that what major companies fail to understand is that if someone wants something badly enough, they’re going to get it. You can put all the DRM and anti-piracy encoding into the product as you want.  Sooner or later, someone who doesn’t have a lot of money but has a lot of time will figure out how to outsmart your system. It’s the glory of capitalism. And, perhaps more importantly the circumnavigation of  it. As Joel’s brother, Mark, writes on Joel’s blog,

“Gene Simmons of KISS was on a show mentioning how rock and roll has gone down the tubes because of the internet and the music sharing that goes on. Well blame the music industry. Blame the recording companies who charge $30 for a cd and give the artists $2 of it. Joel, you have my support, and the legal team, you definitely have mine as well.”

You have mine as well, Joel.


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